1. Which type of air compressor should I buy?

On the market today there are many models as well as brand air compressor, many types and prices vary. Rather than looking for the best air compressor we should find out what type of compressor is most suitable for our work.

If you need air compressors for use in manufacturing plants, large sites require large capacity machines or strong pressures.

For everyday tasks such as inflating, spraying, etc., it is not uncommon for mini air compressors to be easy to use and move.

2. When should I change the air filter?

Wind filter is an important part to prevent dirt from going to the unit to prevent damage during use. Therefore, you need to regularly check and replace when it is dirty and clogged.

3. How to change the compressor pressure?

Pressure control system on the compressor is usually installed by the manufacturer about: no load pressure: 7kg / cm2 and load pressure: 5kg / cm2. If you want to change the pneumatic pressure you can adjust by loosening or tightening the nuts on the relays. Ask your sales technician or read the manual carefully before proceeding.

4. When should I change oil?

In general, you should change the oil after the first 50 hours of use. Then, be sure to refer to the manual of each brand of compressor for proper oil change.

5. My compressor is overheated, what should I do?

When the compressor is overheated, you should clean, rinse the cooling tank and check the oil heat valve.


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