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Pretreatment of parts for Electroless nickle plating

Electroless Nickle Plating Electroless nickel plating can be a highly effective overlay solution if some pre-treatment measures are adequate. By eliminating grease, oil, imperfections and other contaminants before the nickel plating process, there will be less chance of the metal coating of the substrate cooling tower with a non-uniform uneven layer, inefficient and too cumbersome, […]

Learn the basic concepts of Fireproof Electric Shading

Fireproof Electric Shade The fire enclosure provides a solution for shielding electrical components in potentially explosive environments where sealing is impractical or impossible. Although some types of electrical equipment can be sealed to protect them from external hazards, most industrial electrical systems can not be reasonably shielded in such a way. An apparatus placed inside […]

Classification of PHAY machines according to the principle of operation Part II

Types of Milling Machine The milling machines are classified according to their orientation to their workpiece and level of motion. Knee-Type Knee-Type milling machinesemploy a vertical work space supported by a knee, which is a vertical molding product that can be adjusted. The knee supports a saddle and can be adjusted to allow for a […]

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