Convert your Old Mill or Lathe to CNC

Convert your Old Mill or Lathe to CNC

For many LBC homeowners, the do-it-yourself project offers a relaxed way to get rid of day-to-day pressure. For some people, the idea of ​​turning a mill lead into a more efficient, metal spinning CNC tool that looks like the next perfect project. In order to find out what is involved in converting a plant, visiting some websites with step-by-step instructions can prove helpful. Here are some different ways to go about this process.

Converting a factory lead into a CNC machine

The guidelines that follow are to convert a Taig plant into a CNC-plant for more specific guidance and further help, visit the link provided.

Turn a Taig factory guide into a CNC machine:

First, loosening gibs and leadscrew all the way.

Next, remove the bolt leadscrew mount and remove the leadscrews.

Remove the panels from their songs and replace the bronze brushings with the copper ones, then replace the panels.

Replace the leadscrew, tie up leadscrew bolts, and tighten all the way.

For Z – axis:

Remove the leadscrew mounting bolts and remove the leadscrew.

Install new leadscrew (in this case, from Taig;, and then replace and tighten the mounting bolts.

Next, attach the motor, the engine, and the control system. The control systems used here are SP-3 / HT from Stepperworld.

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